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 About Application Forms Completion

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PostSubject: About Application Forms Completion   About Application Forms Completion Icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 5:56 am

Application Forms
Here I'm going to mention the necessary information you need, in order to fill out properly your application form.

First of all, here are several information about our clan, FinalFrontier.

Clan Info:

FinalFrontier - L2Gold Server
Clan Leader: FairyQueen
Active mostly 10.00 - 18.00 GMT+3. ( That's only for summer )
English and Greek speaking.
My MSN: DjJim42453@hotmail.com

Here are the recruitment requirements you have to cope with:

Recruitment Requirements:

- Active
- Able to speak English or Greek
- Have some basic knowledge about lineage
- Able to listen to the leader and execute orders
- Team Spirit
- Willing to do clan tasks
- Love pvp, raids
- Able to use Ventrilo
- No chars in any other Clan

If you fullfill the above requirements, then the only thing you have to do is the following:

First of all, you have to register in our forum. Then, you will make a new topic ( by pressing the button "New Topic" ) and you will write your ingame char name in the "Title of the topic".

After that, you have to full in the application with the below information:


Personal Information:

- Real Name:
- Age:
- Location - Time Zone:
- Occupation:

Game Information:

- Char Name:
- Main Class:
- Noblesse:
- Previous Lineage II experience:
- Reason(s) for joining the FinalFrontier Clan:


What you get from us:

- Great people to communicate with.
- Any required support (Exp, PvP, Nobless, Raids and so on).
- Lots of Fun !!!
- Sieges after Summer !

Here is an example how to create your application:

Let's say that I'm a Mystic Muse 78 lvl and Noblesse, named Proffz.

I will make a New Post, with "Title of the topic": Proffz.
Now everyone check carefully, because it's the way you will make the application:


Personal Information:

- Real Name: George
- Age: 18
- Location - Time Zone: Greece - GMT +2
- Occupation: Student

Game Information:

- Char Name: Proffz
- Main Class: Mystic Muse
- Noblesse: Yes
- Previous Lineage II experience: L2 BnB, L2 Azrama, L2 Auras, L2 Extreme, L2 Official, L2mxc
- Reason(s) for joining the FinalFrontier Clan: I have a friend in FinalFrontier and I want to play with him, making also new friends and having a lot of fun.

I will be waiting for the response. ( That's all Cool )


When you complete your application forum, just press "Send" and you are ready !!
Then, you have to wait a bit until I examine and judge if you are appropriate to join our Clan.

If I decide that you are appropriate for our Clan, then I will post: ACCEPTED
If I decide that you are not appropriate for our Clan, then I will post: REJECTED
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About Application Forms Completion
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