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 Forum General Rules

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PostSubject: Forum General Rules   Forum General Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 4:26 pm

Hello everybody !

Welcome to our company and we wish you a pleasant stay.
Read carefully the Forum General Rules, before you make any post.
By following the following rules of operation, you contribute to the smooth running of our forum.

Forum General Rules:

1 ) Reports - Archives - Links and every advertising to other Sites / Forums similar content to ours are not allowed.
2 ) Try to be polite and do not fight with any other user for any reason.
3 ) Make right posts to facilitate and better inform other users.
4 ) Search before you post. If the subject and content you want to make has already been given by another, do not post it again.
5 ) If you break the rules, you will get a warning. If you continue to break them, you will be deleted.
6 ) Spamming is allowed only in Spam Section.
7 ) Do not send private messages to the Admins / Mods without a good reason, especially for questions that can be done in the forum.
8 ) English is the only language to be used on this forum, except for Greek Section, which is open only to the Greeks.
9 ) Political, religious and racist characterizations are strictly prohibited.
10) Appreciate the person who created the post with a "thank you" if a post has been helpful to you, in order to keep our forum alive.

You may acquire a warning by breaking any of the above mentioned rules.
If you find any member violating our Forum General Rules, please inform an Administrator/Super Moderator via PM for further action. Try to keep the 10th rule, it's too important for our forum to stay alive.

Thank you for your understanding.

FairyQueen, the Administrator
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Forum General Rules
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