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 [Share][Marble Sheep][PC]

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PostSubject: [Share][Marble Sheep][PC]   [Share][Marble Sheep][PC] Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 6:31 pm

[Share][Marble Sheep][PC] Marblen

Developer: ackBytes | Release Date: December 6, 2007 | Genre: Action-Arcade
Help the small sheep, out his captivity! This marble game is great arcade fun!
Do you remember the times in the sandbox playing with marbles? Now you sit inside one of those marbles and let it roll - a great fun for the whole family.
Utz has been casted inside a ball by his mad neighbour Firlefranz who caught him eating some apples from his tree. Now its your turn to find the good sorcerer Mumpelwitz in the hidden forrest who is the only one who can set you free. Many, different worlds await you, full of surpises and fun, in the style of good old arcade games...

* 30 exciting 3D level
* violence free and child friendly
* including loopings, skate tracks...
* funny, colorful 3D comicgraphics
* arcadefun with real physics
* nice sounds und 10 music tracks
* complete bilingual (english/german)
* Windows© Vista™ ready!

Requirements: Windows 98/2K/ME/XP/Vista

Install Notes:
1. Unzip and unrar into a directory of your choice.
2. Run 'setup.bat' to extract game data.
3. Start the game with 'game.exe


Click here to download Marble Sheep
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PostSubject: Re: [Share][Marble Sheep][PC]   [Share][Marble Sheep][PC] Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 6:33 pm

xaxaxaxa this one i will try for sure
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[Share][Marble Sheep][PC]
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